Gravure & Offset Presses


Slitters for longitudinal cutting of paper web, foil, packing,etc. Our slitters are made of chrome-steel, HSS, ASP (powder metallurgical steel) or tungsten carbide. Every required outside diameter of 20-350 mm- with the correspondend inside diameter, thickness, chamfer, keyway and bores- can be provided. Hollow feather blades are also a available with long chamfer.



Our anvils can be made of chromium tungsten alloyed knife steel, HSS, powder metallurgical steel or tungsten carbide. All our anvils are expertly hardened and produced on precisioned grinding machines of highest progression. Your advantages are the drastically reduced down times and an increasing of productivity.



Perforators for continuous perforation are made of chromium tungsten alloyed original swedish tool steel, tempered and precisely ground. Every desired tooth pitch with gaps up to 1 mm can be manufactured. All required outside diameters up to 200 mm with keyway, bores and in several thickness can be provided. On the right side you can see our illustration of the possible tooth forms (trapeziod tooth, rectangular tooth, butterfly and sawtooth).


Jaw Blades

IPB produces Jaw Blades for all common folders. Coatings with IPpure are as possible as with ceramic or tungsten carbide. The advantages of IPB Jaw Blades are the safe an accurate folding process, without damage on the product even at the fastest machine speed. At the pruduction of jaw blades, we always focus our attention on keeping the strict tolerances regarding thickness, height and parallelity. All Jaw Blades with IPpure or metall coating can be repaired cheaply and within shortes delivery times.

Jaw BladesJaw Blades

Tucker Blades

Tucker Blades in standard designs with or without chamfers for all common folders can be supplied. Different gaps, slots and bores are possible. All Tucker Blades can be provided with single or double chamfer. Special Trucker Blades for the 3rd and 4th fold in folders can be supplied with different kinds of coatings (TIN, SuperTec) or can be made of special light weight materials.

Tucker BladesTucker Balde

Cutting Sticks

Cutting sticks are a very important component in the overall cutting system of paper trimming machines. It has been prooved, that the suitable choose of Cutting Sticks can improve knife life. IPB offers, dependent on the customer´s use, cutting sticks in different qualities and hardnesses… Qualities: Rubber approx. 85° shore Polyurethane 85-92° shore LongLife 80-85-95 shore Length: max. 600 mm IPB LongLife are especially developed Cutting Sticks made of tough and abrasion resistant material. Special profiles can be made from samples and drawings.

Cutting Sticks

Pressure Bars

IPB Pressure Bars are made of highly elastic foam material for the use in cutter bars. All our Pressure Bars have a closed outher surface. All common standard profiles are available from stock. Hardness: approx. 0,35-0,60 g/ccm

Pressure BarsPressure Bar

Knife Boxes

Knife Boxes with compressible foam plastic Pressure bars can be manufactured for any type of folders. According to both compressible Pressure Bars there are no cut-outs for Pins needed, as the Pin Screws penetrate into the elastic bars, leaving only very small holes. Our Knife Boxes are designed for a secure retaining of cutting blade and reduction of breakage.

Knife BoxesKnife Boxes


IPB Cheekwoods are made of special abrasion resistant polyamide. All Cheekwoods are available with or without cut-outs for Pin Screws for all common knife boxes.


Sheet Guides

Sheet Guides can- depending on the use and the demands on the wear- be made of different materials like plastics (S-green), steel, aluminium, polyurethane or telefon. Depending on requirements we can supply abrasion resistant coatings.

Sheet GuidesSheet Guides

Former nose

Our former noses are made on tooling machines of highest progression, that`s why we can ensure a precise production. All our former noses are manufactured from highly alloyed steel, hardened and hand polished. We are also able to repair your used former nose, put a special wear resistant coating on your former nose so that you can use it like a “new” former nose.

Former NoseFormer Nose

Foam Pads

IPB offers foam pads for sheet control for all common web offset printing and gravure machines. To optimize the characteristics of the pads, we produce our foam pads in the following combination of materials. cell vulcollan 0,35-0,60 g/ccm on polyurethane approx. 95° Shore cell vulcollan 0,35-0,60 g/ccm on polyurethane approx. 90° Shore cell vulcollan 0,35-0,60 g/ccm on steel approx. 0,5 mm To extend life time of the product we produce foam pads with wear protection made of polyurethane approx. 90 Shore.

Foam PadsFoam Pads

Folder Pins

Pins for picking up and transport of the cut product. We have Pins for all common folders in stock. Special designs can be produced within short delivery time from samples or drawings in reasonable relations. Important sizes: length of thread length of square shoulder needle height smooth or needle height serrated lenght of needle and square shoulder width of square shoulder total length of pin thread diameter.

Foam PadsFoam Pads

Roller nips and nip segment

We produce alternative roller nips and nip segments for different types of web offset printing machines. According to customer wishes we can repair all nip rollers and nip segments.

Roller NipsNip Segment


Gripper and the appropriate Gripper Pads for all folders in rotogravure and offset printing. All Grippers can be made from samples or drawings. According to the type of gripper they were made of spring steel or highly alloyed tool steel. They can be also dispatched with abrasion resistant coatings.


Gripper Pads

Gripper Pads are made of special tool steel and can be coated with metal or polyurethane if required.

Gripper PadsGripper Pads

Slide plate

Our slide plates are made on tooling machines of highest progression, that`s why we can ensure a very precise production with a very tight range of tolerance. All our slide plates are manufactured from highly alloyed tool steel. A special chrome plating garantees a longer life cyle.

Slide PlateSlide Plate

Tension Roller

Tension Roller for paper web transport in folders and paper guides. We produce Tension Roller in different designs like Tension Roller made of rubber 85° shore Tension Roller made of polyurethane 85° or 93° shore Tension Roller with steel core and rubber or polyurethane coating.

Tension RollerTension Roller

Creasings Anvils

Creasing anvils for protection of creasing knives and perforators. The most common creasing anvils are made of high quality tool steel or aluminium, coated with polyurethane and exactly ground. Used Tension Roller and Creasing anvils can be repaired cheaply and within short delivery time.

Creasings AnvilsCreasing Anvils

Cutting Roller

Cutting Rollers and Transport Rollers are made of high quality chromium alloyed tool steels and used for lateral cutting op paper web. On account of our grindig machines of state-of-the-art we are able to ensure a tight range of tolerance and an accurate concentric running… We produce Cutting Rollers with ceramic coating, knurled or polyurethane insert. Adjusting Screw We produce Adjusting Screws for all offset printing machines. On production we focus our attention on keeping the strict tolerances to guarantee an ideal mechanism.

Cutting RollerCutting Roller

Bearer Pads

Bearer Pads can be supplied in all different dimensions. We use exclusively acid proof raw materials to guaranty the best possible quality and function of your pads. Bearer Pads in standard dimension, with bores, slots or recesses can be delivered in short time from our stock. Special models can be dispatched from an economic quantity upwards.

Bearer PadsBearer Pads

Wash Up Blades

IPB Wash Up Blades for offset printing machines are made of steel-bodies with rubber or polyurethane lip on choice forscrape off the old colour when a new one is needed. On using the polyurethane lip working life of the Wash Up Blades can be extended many times over. We have Wash Up Blades for all common machine types. We would be glad to advise you.

Wash Up BladesWash Up Blades

Ink tucking blades

Ink tucking blades with micro laster slots make the use of silicon filler for gaps unnecessary. Your advantage: – maculature dimishes – life cycle of ink blade raises – stabilization of colorcontrol.

Ink Tucking Plades